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Wayland Hicks: In Memory Of, July 18, 2018

Unreleased Music Coming Soon

Sarah Hobbs

Charismatic, powerful vocals, years of hard work has built her moment in the music industry as a singer/songwriter, oh....she can act as well!

About Cielo Azul Entertainment

Cielo Azul...Blue Sky...To CAE founder John Alexander, "Cielo Azul' represents a frontier of unlimited opportunities to enjoy a passion for music and the entertainment industry. Careers define who we are as professionals, and our careers help support our lives and our families. After work, there is time to enjoy and pursue our personal talents and goals. You only live life once, and if the commitment is made, the hard work begins....Is there something new on the horizon?

CAE was formed to help establish a mechanism for artists to enter the entertainment industry. The road to success starts by having a firm ground to stand, a strong commitment, having a vision, and then placing a good team around the artist to help enact the vision. It's a hard road, but the rewards can be fulfilling and the opportunities unlimited. But it all starts with getting your feet under you, hard work and commitment, and allowing a good team to work with you. Today, look up into the blue sky....are you ready?